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iSMS Android App

Japan SMS Marketing Online Android Apps

Upload your contacts to the app and broadcast your sms to thousands with a single tap. It supports Unicode, Ascii and more!


Automate your bulk SMS messaging & integrate it into your web, application or software.

Why iSMS Japan?

User Friendly

User friendly

Easy to use, no software required and unlimited contacts. Send thousand of SMS to your client in a couple of minutes. Still unsure? We can help you get started with guide, tutorials and a range of support options.

Task Scheduler

Task Scheduling

Launching company new products? Sending reminder to customer? Try scheduling your SMS. SMS Task Scheduler allows you to schedule specific message to be sent out to your recipients. Now you can do it in advance.



Connect to iSMS Japan Gateway without any extra charges. iSMS Japan API’s provide a simple yet powerful way to allow developers to easily connect to our SMS gateway. Learn more about various SMS API keys.

Mobile App

Mobile Application

Access your SMS marketing mobile app on the go, anytime, anywhere. Run your marketing campaign on your Android phone with just a single tap. Supports Unicode, Ascii, long messages and more. Download now.

Personalised Messages

Personalized SMS

iSMS Japan allows you to personalize every single SMS with its unique information so that you can address your target audience directly and engage them on the personal level. Learn more about SMS Merge.

comprehensive SMS report

Comprehensive Reports

By using comprehensive SMS delivery report, it helps you to strategies your next SMS marketing campaign effectively. Powerful analytic increases overall business effectiveness.


Unlimited Contacts

Unlimited Contacts

Too many contacts? Not an issue! iSMS Japan allows you to upload unlimited contact numbers and easily manage into groups. You can also import contacts from your mobile phones or send SMS via CSV file.


Custom Integration


Check out our flagship products iCRM, BMO POS System, and Vocotext Wi-Fi Marketing Device that works perfectly on its own but seamlessly together. Boost your overall business performance by integrating our products.